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"MobileMary" Barnett here...

Isn't it time you finally attract crowds who are eager to hear your advice and buy your offers?

If you want to take the results you've had offline and see bigger results online... then this letter will show you how.
You see that small Dot at The top of this device?
Yup, I'm talking about your camera...
Inside that little dot is the new "most watched stage."

Times have changed, haven't they? Instead of dishing out $100,000+ for commercials, competing for journalists' attention, or waiting for a celeb like Oprah to discover you... you can harness your own media channel in the palm of your hand.  

Imagine... right now, there are millions of social experts who look into that same little dot on their smartphones and laptops... and know that on the other side is an audience eager to hear from them and buy their products.


Why doesn't your dot mean that for you?   
Stop Letting Your Message 
Collect Dust!
If you've ever invested time, money, and energy into putting something together that you're certain would change the world...

Only to post about it and hear crickets...

Let me tell you, I've been there.

I was just like you -- a new online marketer struggling to get ears hearing my message... and eyeballs seeing my product!

From the outside I was a respected marketing veteran who had been in the field since 1988, but on the inside, I was newbie who had to figure out this social media stuff... fast.   

Because, frankly... I was desperate.
My Story in a Nutshell
I needed to figure out 
this social media thing... FAST!
It all began when I realized mobile was going to change the world. It was 2007, the year the iPhone was released! I thought Steve Jobs's invention would be the perfect opportunity to reach people literally in the palm of their hand.
One of my clients was Kawasaki Motors, U.S.A., a large motorcycle manufacturer. We did promotional and event marketing for them, like dealer events and reward programs. 

After a dealer event, the managers were complaining to me that their "traditional marketing efforts" just weren't working anymore. I suggested that we market to them with the little device they carried in their pocket, since they were consumers on the go... literally, using Texting Marketing! They loved the idea, but told me that I had to convince their agencies.

I worked with my engineers to build a Text Marketing campaign from the ground up (it took 2 years to convince Kawasaki Motor U.S.A.'s ad agencies to try this idea!). When our program launched in 2009, it drove 93,000 new customers to their 1,500 dealerships nationwide.

This campaign started winning Innovation Awards and I thought:

"This is it! My life has changed and I'm ready to change the marketing game for many business owners."   
I worked so hard... only to hear CRICKETS 
<<chirp>> <<chirp>>
After succeeding so well with Kawasaki, I expected large businesses to welcome this technology with open arms! I used traditional marketing to get the word out and guess what... I heard Crickets!

So I thought, why keep this for just for larger companies? Why not help out the smaller businesses that can use our technology to drive more traffic to their store on slow days? Again, I used traditional marketing to get the word out and guess what... I heard More Crickets!

I had all this magic to share, yet all I heard was Crickets! Say What? I had been so certain that this idea would take off! That businesses would be busting down our door, that our phone would be ringing off the hook.

Right? Wrong...  

I had to face the hard facts — convincing business owners to give this technology a chance as not going to be easy. 

A lot of corporations that I worked with for years passed on it. 

It was too newfangled for them! They didn't feel like it was something that was tried and true yet... even with our amazing Kawasaki success. 

So I offered to help a few hand-picked loyal customers if I could do it for free for them.

They said yes... and this was our chance to develop more case studies and show our stuff.

Then, I hit a speed bump...

Since these businesses weren't willing to invest to put out a billboard or run an ad in a newspaper or a magazine... I had to get fans to opt-in on the cheap...

So, how did I do that? I used Social Media! 
I Attracted 
73,000 Opt-ins...
With Social Media!
I had to learn about all the social media platforms to help my clients compete in the marketplace. 

I had to learn about how to post, when to post, how to keep up with the ever changing algorithms... on each platform that came around, just so I could find my client's customers and get them to engage and then convert!

It took time, but I gained confidence and expertise as I grew my customer's lists, gave them instant communication abilities with their loyal customers, and drove them to their stores and restaurants in record numbers. 

Since then, I've helped many more people grow their businesses and organizations using Social Media Strategies, such as: 
  • An author who went from struggling to get sales for her book, to becoming a bestseller
  • The U.S. Marines who were wanting to get their recruits using the mess hall instead of eating out
  • A restaurant who fills their seats when it gets slow
From this, 
I learned 2 things:
1. Building a social media audience is the most powerful asset you can build from nothing.
2. Mastering the tips and techniques of social media is crucial for a business owner to be found online.

So let me ask you...
Do you want to discover how to get more engagement and customers from social media?

Do you want to learn secrets and strategies from someone who's had her ear to the ground for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the past 10+ years? 

Do you want to post with confidence and spark engaging conversations?

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website every time you post?

Do you want to build an email and messaging list so you can make offers to your audience where they respond the best?
If you answered "YES!" 
to any of these, then...
Join Us Inside
Social Expert Camp
Your Dream Audience Is Already Looking For Your Expertise... It's Time To Show Up!
Social Expert Camp empowers you to Show Up and Be Seen as the Expert in your industry, with encouragement and accountability, making it simple, fun & easy!

Plus, I make mobile easy as you are taught how to run your business from the palm of your hand! 
Crush Confusion Forever...
Are you frustrated with your phone? Does TECH overwhelm you?

No headaches here... in Camp, I show you everything you need to do in a simple and fun way (so you never have to bug your kids again!)
Are you confused by Social Media yet don't want to admit that you just don't "get it?"

I provide simple lessons on how to do what you need to do, to Show Up & Be Seen as the Expert in your industry!
Don't want to spend all your time just trying to figure things out?

Social Expert Camp is a safe go-to for questions (so you feel cool and self-sufficient around your kids and friends) 😎
You want to be able to run your Business & Life from your phone, but you just don't know how?

In Camp, you get training and recommendations on cool apps and programs that you can use to HACK (create a shortcut) your Biz and your Life!
Join Social Expert Camp to discover secrets to transition online, automate your marketing, get an ROI, and make more money from your efforts...
Here's everything you'll get each month:
Weekly  Live Trainings
Every week, I do a live training showing a specific social platform or mobile technique.
Monthly Social Media Content Planning Guide
Say goodbye to writer's block! Save hours of time trying to come up with ideas for content... just use this guide! 
Exclusive Facebook Group
Drop a question or celebrate a milestone within our community of Campers!
Bi-Monthly Campfire Chat
Come ask me anything and get to know fellow Campers in these bi-monthly Zoom calls!

Access to ALL Past Trainings
Want to learn a specific platform or technique? Access the entire library of trainings anytime! 
This monthly membership will guarantee you are fully prepared to Stand Up & Be Seen as the Expert in your Industry.

Finally feel confident promoting yourself on social media and watch your life transform as you run your business from the palm of your hand! 📲
I highly recommend Mobile Mary! Mary is very knowledgeable about social media and what you need to get noticed. I have learned sooooo much since joining her Social Media Camp!! Her teachings have helped increase my confidence with being seen on social media. If you are feeling totally inadequate using social media, contact Mary and she will help you become an expert in your field!
Shellise Berry
My favorite social media coach, direct to the point, easy to learn from her and her bubbly personality. I have got more engagement in my posts in my social media outlets. I learned it is not only about the product but the person behind the product that drives engagement and sales.
Alessandra Thornton
She's awesome. I'm not real techy, and I really dislike the time it takes to build a presence online, but she is teaching me tips and tools that are helping me get out of my rut and almost get excited about posting something. LOL! She is so real, down-to-earth and FUNNY. I'm truly enjoying my time here.
Sandy Congelliere Ireland
Mary's coaching on social media is both effective and engaging with her authentic bubbly personality. She dives right in when sharing her knowledge to coach on specific topics, and yet she is able to help you see the big picture to mentor you to reach our goals. I find her to be easy to communicate with, and immensely warm. I highly recommend her! If you'd like to get more personalized coaching and get peer-based collaborative support from other fellow campers, I encourage you to also join Mobile Mary's Social Expert Camp!
Shilpa Lewis
Thanks, Mary! Your tips and expertise — and encouragement —have helped my business shine and also personally helped me share more of who I am in this world!
Nicole  Steiman
You've Got The Expertise... 
Now Get The Eyeballs
My goal is for you to post with confidence and know that you are building an audience... 
an asset that brings you 
new leads every time you post.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't 100% convinced that you're getting more value than you're paying for, let us know and we'll issue you your refund right away... no questions asked!
Now it's time for...
Will my price go up?
After your 30 day trial for $1, you will pay $37/month for as long as you'd like to continue. Prices will go up in 2020, so get in now and get grandfathered in at that price!

If I take a break can I come back in at my original price?
NOPE! I am here to hold the bar higher for you, and committed to giving you amazing information every month that will change your business.

Will I get individual support?
I have an amazing Facebook community. You'll be able to have questions answered in the Facebook Group, but I will not be offering one-on-one support. If you are interested in more personalized support, please let "MobileMary" know and she'll be happy to tell about our one-on-one coaching program.

What types of businesses is this best for?
This is perfect for business owners who are looking to create sales and engagement using online marketing. Serviced-Based Businesses (Coaches, Realtors, Professionals, Freelancers), Direct Sales Professionals, and Brick-and-Mortar Business Owners.
Here's a recap of
When You join Social Expert Camp!
  • ​Weekly Live Trainings ($397 Value)
  • ​Monthly Social Media Planning Guide ($37 Value)
  • Exclusive Facebook Community (Priceless)
  • ​Bi-Monthly Campfire Chat ($197 Value)
  • ​Access to ALL Past Trainings ($997 Value)
Total Value: $1,628+
But today, you're getting 
30 day access...
For Only $1
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